Celebrating Halloween in 2020

Image: rawpixel.com

Covid has changed everything about our lives, not least entertaining and celebrations. Events we used to take for granted such as birthday parties, family BBQ’s and wedding receptions are now much smaller, intimate affairs, and with Halloween and Christmas just around the corner lots of us will be thinking of ways we can adapt and celebrate safely.

Halloween has grown as a holiday in the UK year on year and is now estimated to be celebrated by around a third of us in some form. The traditional styles of trick-or-treating and halloween parties may be off the table for 2020, but with a bit of forward planning there’s lots of ways you and your family can still enjoy Halloween, whilst staying safe.

Trick or Treating

Local communities are organising socially distanced alternatives to trick-or-treating. This idea is doing the rounds on Facebook:

You: Put a halloween picture or pumpkin in your window.
Kids: Dress up and hunt the pictures. 
Parents: Give out a treat for each picture spotted.

A couple of safe ways you can give out sweets to trick-or-treaters yourself is to peg individual bags of sweets to string or bunting outside your house. Or if you have a tree in your front garden, turn it into a ‘Halloween Tree’ by decorating it and attaching treats to it. Kids can pick their own at a safe distance. 

Mask up!

Even if you’re not knocking on peoples doors, it’s still a sensible idea to wear a mask when out and about on Halloween. If you trade up your regular face mask for the occasion, it can double up as part of your fancy dress outfit! There are lots of themed ones for sale now, go as tame or as gruesome as you like. The masks below can be found by independent sellers on Etsy, click the picture to visit their shops.


Celebrate at home

Have a family disco with themed music and games such as bobbing for apples, pin the tail on the witches cat or set up a halloween scavenger hunt around your home and garden. Or arrange a scary movie night, complete with snacks of sweets, toffee apples and popcorn.

Halloween Events

There are a number of covid-safe Halloween events taking place around the country if you want to get out and about during October half term and leading up to Halloween. Here’s some to look out for (please note that these events all require advance booking and safety measures will be in place)







And for some local events around Northamptonshire: 





For families with older children you could consider arranging your own local ghost walk or taking part in one of the many professionally organised ghost tours which operate around the country. 

Whatever you do this Halloween, have fun and stay safe!